Seat-To-Seat Pickup Lines
Client: Virgin America
Agency: BuzzFeed
Role: CD

Virgin America wanted a way to showcase their inflight experience, specifically their Red™ seatback entertainment system. Entertainment systems are not, generally, that exciting to talk about. So we decided to use them to tell a story.

We chose to highlight the unique seat-to-seat messaging capabilities of the system with hypothetical demonstrative chats to show people how to flirt with other passengers using Red™. To present this story, we chose the medium of believable, low-fi images, to mirror the look and feel of screenshots of AOL AIM conversations from the early '00s.

My goal was to make an obvious ad feel like organic screenshots of internet banter. I also wanted to keep the branding and messaging as unambiguous as possible, for the benefit of both the reader and Virgin America.

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The internet liked the Pickup Lines a lot. The campaign performed better than any sponsored content in BuzzFeed history, setting new benchmarks and opening us up to the airline category for future deals.

A few weeks, several million hits and countless ripped and rehosted imgur galleries later, hundreds of thousands of people had new knowledge of, and appreciation for, Virgin America's inflight experience.

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