Awesome Stuff Week
Client: Google/YouTube
Agency: Droga5

Google was debuting a new ad unit that allowed people to buy anything they saw in a video, turning YouTube into a shopping network. So we introduced the unit into the world with something called Awesome Stuff Week, a week-long celebration of products on YouTube, featuring dozens of famous YouTubers posting videos about their favorite stuff. And by stuff, we mean shoppable products:

How Awesome Is This? was both a fun, natural promotion as well as an effective way to show the world the new ad unit without mentioning it directly.

In total, the two-week campaign got just under 10 million views (most of them earned) across dozens of videos from dozens of different YouTube stars. Sentiment measuring showed that across 4,000+ authentic media and online mentions, the campaign held at 76% positive and 24% neutral with 0% negative, amazingly positive for an advertising campaign about a new type of advertising unit.

Awesome Stuff Week won a Webby in the Native Advertising category.

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